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Not Renewing lease

What Is a Lease Non-Renewal? 

A lease non-renewal is notice from one of the parties in a lease to the other that they do not intend to extend the lease for another term. If for any reason the landlord and tenant decided not to renew the lease, per the lease agreement we have the right to list the property on the market to find new tenants.

Pre listing tour:

We will need to tour the home before listing it on the market, take pictures, leave the lockbox and sign at the property so the prospects can tour the home with their agents.

Safety of tenants:

All showings are accompanied by licensed realtors and the keys are not accessible by unlicensed individuals

During the showing

We encourage tenants to:

  • Leave during showings on the other hand we do our best to group the showings for tenant’s convenience.
  • Not let anyone without an agent or notification to enter the home
  • direct all the enquiries to us.
  • Not leave valuable items and any medication or important documents accessible
  • Lease has the option of not listing the home at a cost if tenant accepts to pay the fee stated in the lease
  • The tenants will receive notifications ahead of time and the landlords will also get notified
  • In some cases the landlord might decide to wait until the tenant moves out and then list the home on the market.