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Free Management Services

Existing YDRE owners can take advantage of free management services. If you’re a current client, we’d like to show you our appreciation and how much we value the confidence you have in our company to provide high quality property management services. We’re introducing a referral program that can provide you with free management services every month. It’s simple: Provide your referral’s information in the contact form and when they sign a management contract with YDRE and pay their first month’s management fee, you get that month free. This means if you bring us one referral per month, you’ll get a free year of management services.

Credits for these referrals are good for up to one month’s management fees, but cannot exceed that.

With our agent referral program, 100 percent of the first two months of management fees will be forwarded to you if the owner has occupied units. With vacant units, you’ll receive 50 percent of the initial placement fee.

Lease contract must be confirmed by delivery of current leases and placement must occur within 90 days of referral.