Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Protect the Value of Your Houston Investment Property

Today we are talking about maintenance and how it protects the value of your investment property. Things begin to break and wear out on any property and before too long, you need to perform maintenance and make repairs and replacements. Maintenance requests from tenants can be frustrating, but these tips will help you cope with repair work a little better.

Be Proactive

You never want to wait on repairs and allow the maintenance needs to pile up. Eat the frog early, while it’s small so you don’t have to deal with swallowing a huge one. Many landlords don’t want to spend the time or the money on minor repairs, or perhaps they don’t have the knowledge to take care of the problem. Having access to a professional property manager or a skilled handyman will help you diagnose and solve problems.

Communicate with Tenants

It might seem like your tenants are breaking things because they’re not caring for them properly. But think about how often you have to make small repairs at your own home. There’s a lot of ongoing maintenance for everyone, and the work required on an investment property is not that much different from the work that’s required at your own home. Talk to tenants about maintenance and what you expect. You want them to have a reason to care about your property and if you encourage them to report any problems they see, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your property maintained in the long term. Thank them for reporting any concerns by leaving a note or sending an email.

Regular Inspections

When you inspect the interior and exterior of your property regularly, you’ll be able to notice anything that needs attention. Look for hidden leaks under sinks and other problems that might be lurking in areas such as attics. Be sure to have the water heater and the air conditioning units serviced once a year so you can take advantage of their maximum lifespan. Clean the gutters seasonally and inspect the roof at least once a year.

Pest Control

Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Protect the Value of Your Houston Investment PropertyBe vigilant with mosquitoes, ants and other pests. Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in areas where water is stagnant or slow moving. Don’t invite them to your property with trapped water around your house. Treat your property for ants and other bugs so there aren’t any problems with insects.

If you have any questions about how to perform maintenance and maintain the value of your rental property, contact us at Your Dream Real Estate, and we’d be happy to help you.

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