Dealing with HOA Violations – Houston Landlord Advice

When you own a property that happens to be part of a Homeowner’s Association or an HOA, there are a few extra things you often have to do as a landlord or a property manager. Not only do you need to make sure your tenant pays attention to your own rules and regulations, you also have to make sure your tenant understands the requirements of the HOA.

Lease Information

Your lease agreement needs to address and include everything that’s required and prohibited by the HOA. In most cases, tenants violate rules simply because they don’t know them. When you are able to provide all the rules and regulations of the HOA, the tenant will know what is expected. Be clear about what the violations might include and make sure your lease states how any violations will be handled.


Communicating with both the HOA and the tenants is critical. You’ll want to hear both sides whenever there’s a dispute, and find out if a mistake has been made or if your tenant really is in violation of something. Don’t jump to any conclusions and make sure you maintain a positive, respectful attitude when you’re dealing with all parties.

Stay Involved

It will help if you aren’t a stranger to your HOA. Make sure you know who is on the board, and even though you aren’t living at the property yourself, you still want to keep yourself in the loop. Follow any updates and communications put out by the HOA and make it a habit to read the board meeting minutes. If you don’t have Dealing with HOA Violations Houston Landlord Advicetime to stay on top of these things, work with a property manager who can handle the relationship on your behalf.

The relationship between you, your tenant and your HOA does not have to be combative. Make sure everyone understands what is expected, and you won’t have many problems.

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