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Our Services

    Your Dream Real EstateAt Your Dream Real Estate, you can expect superior property management services. We take care of our customers as fast as possible, which means we’re available when you have questions, concerns or a new property that you’d like us to evaluate.

    Our leasing services are professional and customized to fit your property. We will conduct a market analysis to arrive at the right rental rate for your home. We’ll take professional photographs and list your property on the MLS. You can rely on our recommendations to make the property ready for the market, and we’ll show your property professionally to ensure people want to rent it.

    When you work with us, we place tenants ourselves using innovative tools and a comprehensive market analysis. After a strategic marketing and advertising campaign that’s designed to get the most exposure possible and attract the best applicants, we’ll do a thorough screening process. This includes conducting background checks, pulling credit reports and talking to former landlords. We’ll examine credit scores and analyze outstanding debt balances. We’ll investigate criminal backgrounds and make sure there isn’t a history of eviction, foreclosure and broken leases. We check employment and income as well as a tenant’s rental history.

    Once we find the right tenant for your property, that tenancy is guaranteed with a one year warranty. This means that if your tenant moves out or vacates before the end of the lease period, we’ll replace the tenant at no cost to you. We conduct regular inspections of your rental home.

    Communication is essential, and our property managers will be in touch with you regularly to ensure you’re up to date on what’s going on with your property. You’ll receive monthly reports online and through email and you’ll always have access to your statements and invoices. Tenants and owners can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week with any problems or concerns.

    Evictions are never fun, and we do what we can to prevent them. When it becomes necessary, however, we take care of it quickly and expertly. Our property managers send Three Day Notices and file suit with the eviction courts. We will work with legal counsel and attend hearings in court on your behalf. Judgments for Possession are managed on our end, and if necessary, we can file for a Writ of Possession to get your property back.

    Our management fee is a flat rate. There are no complicated percentages to calculate, and your management fee will be the same whether your house rents for $800 per month or $2,000. We can prepare contracts, inspect and maintain a property and prioritize work requests. Our large team of experts means we can delegate work to ensure the most qualified person is helping you with your needs. After assigning work to the right contractor, we keep you informed of its progress. Owners are kept informed through the entire process and everything is consistently and accurately documented.

    Finally, we stay a step ahead of your maintenance needs. Our regular inspections will provide us with the information we need to make recommendations on preventative maintenance and cut down on expensive emergency repairs. At Your Dream Real Estate, preserving the value of your home is our top priority, and we’ll do that by ensuring it stays in excellent condition.

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    Your Dream Real EstateA successful landlord experience starts with the right tenant. We utilize a thorough marketing and screening process to ensure only high quality tenants are placed in your property. Our goal is to keep vacancy rates low and tenant satisfaction high.

    Here’s what you can expect when we’re leasing out your home to qualified tenants:

    • Strategic advertising and marketing
    • Talking to prospective renters and showing the property to qualified tenants
    • Processing applications
    • Performing a thorough tenant screening and background check
    • Preparing lease documents and addenda
    • Collecting the security deposit and the first month’s rent
    • Forwarding the lease, inspection report and deposit to you

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    Your Dream Real EstateYour Dream Real Estate is a unique company that provides full brokerage services. Whether you’re investing in one property or an entire portfolio, we can help with all the details that support your investment goals and make you successful.

    We conduct a complete market analysis to let you know what your property is worth and how much you can expect to earn in rental income. You’ll also get access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a valuable marketing tool when it comes to finding the right tenants for your property. We’ll help with an attention-grabbing ad and outstanding photos that give people a positive view of the property you have to rent.

    Our services also include getting the property ready for rent. We know what tenants are looking for when choosing a rental property, and the recommendations we make for your property will be based on the goal of bringing in as much rent as possible.

    Any of your needs will be met by our brokerage services. We can find you an apartment, conduct an inspection of the property you’re thinking about buying and help you decide what to do to make it ready for the rental market.

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    Your Dream Real EstateMany landlords tell us that one of the biggest things they fear is staying on top of maintenance and repairs at their investment properties. We take care of that for you. The expert maintenance team at Your Dream Real Estate will make sure all the systems at your property are in good working order.

    When requests come in from tenants, our team prioritizes those requests. We know what problems are emergencies and what problems can wait a day or two. Our online system allows tenants to complete maintenance requests electronically and it enables us to track the entire process, starting with the request and ending with the work order and invoice. We double-check what our vendors diagnose and charge to make sure it’s correct.

    We also believe it’s important to communicate with you throughout the process. You’ll always be aware of the repairs that are being done on your property and we’ll get your approval and authorization before we do any major work. It’s important that everyone’s on the same page and our process ensures efficient and timely communication.

    Documentation is essential, so we’ll take and share photographs of the inside and outside of your property any time work is done. This way, you’re able to get a look at the condition and let us know what you think about how your property looks.

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    See What Our Clients Are Saying…

    Neda was very professional and easy to work with. After dealing with several other realtors, she was a pleasure to do business with. Ultimately my decision was heavily influenced by the professionalism she displayed, where other realtors with other properties failed.

    John James

    Neda is a 5 star realtor and is an easy person to work with. She helped me to find my dream house with descriptions I wanted. She was always on time and ready to go for tours and preparing documents. I highly recommended her.

    Jenn Graves

    After I made my first contact with Rob through email, he responded very quickly and we got on the phone so he could get a gauge of what kind of place I was thinking of. At the beginning, I wasn't too sure of the specifics myself, but he was good about detailing the different options and considerations I should be making given my situation. Soon after that we had a meeting in his office and he was so patient and he gave me tons of information and resources. To be honest I was so frustrated in the beginning because I always thought investment in real estate is so risky.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Your Dream Real Estate and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone that I know who would be trying to invest and finding a great property management company in Houston.

    These people are ready to go extra miles for everybody they are working with. They shared any information they could without any expectations.